Sylvester the Campervan

Looking for a Rustic Campervan to hire or perhaps one with a Quirky wooden interior? look no further!

This is my third conversion over the years, the last being a VW Late Bay, a mere 42 years old.  Sylvester is somewhat younger however, at only 5 years old! Sylvester is quiet, very comfortable for long journeys and fully air-conditioned!  

The quirky victorian Jam pan sink, with rustic tiling and brass light fittings.

Sylvester the camper van is packed with interesting, rustic handcrafted features:  

)Sylvester comes with a miniature herb garden to feast your eyes upon as well as to add to your feast if you wish! An antique French copper jam pan makes a perfect sink. Lift out to empty outside when you are done! (Please check at the campsite that it is ok to do so) Handmade doorknobs and old coin curtain tiebacks complete the picture. Sylvester is a joy to the eye, original and crafted with love. The perfect camper van or campervan, (however you call them) for a truly memorable holiday!

The quirky victorian Jam pan sink, with rustic tiling and brass light fittings.
A delightful herb garden for you to feast your eyes on and add to your feast! Plus copper kettle


Family Heirlooms

My mum would have loved the idea of her old copper kettle going on lots of interesting journeys. In fact Sylvester has a lot of family heirlooms on board. The copper pipe tie backs are made with old pennies and thru’penny bits from my partner’s dad’s collection. The top of the tall cupboard comes from wood left over from an old harmonium we had… as you do! I also used that lovely old rosewood to make three drawers and the coffee and tea jar holders above the sink. 

By the side of the sink is a tall cupboard with a spacious interior. Large enough to cope with a set of pillows. Memory foam mattress topper, etc. The kitchen area has cupboards under with plates, cups, bowls etc along with pans and kettle. Oh and an Induction hob for when on hookup. Everything you need for a perfect holiday!

The idea has evolved to liking the idea of wild camping; Sylvester is well equipped to do this with shower/toilet tent. Chemical toilet, rechargeable shower and a 150watt solar panel on the roof feeding via a high quality MPPT controller into a 110amp hour leisure battery. This coupled with a 300w 240volt inverter allows you to use a laptop, phone charger etc to enable you to become a ‘Digital Nomad’, as they say. Oh that and the Propex to keep you warm on those cold nights, a truly cosy camper van!

Multi-function Radio

Sylvester also has a multifunction radio, allowing you to use GPS, listen to FM or DAB radio. If you have a data package on your mobile you tether it to the device to allow you to try BBC IPlayer / Radio or newly installed Park4Night app. This app is brilliant and finds all the spots you can park a camper van for free. Give it a go you will be amazed at the hidden places it knows!


For a real cosy home from home feel, book Sylvester for your travels… specially designed for miles and miles of smiles 🙂

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Campervan interior = Showing the quirky old brass light switch and the Propex heating controls, under carved rosewood.

Perfect for families…

Sylvester has 4 seat belts and sleeps two inside on the 3/4 Rock and Roll bed. With the additional easy to inflate Air Awning it can sleep another two in there. NEW this season are two beds for small children! Across the front seats it can sleep a child to 100cm and in the roof a lovely space with their own ladder to suite a child to age 8/120cm tall. 

A delightful herb garden for you to feast your eyes on and add to your feast! Plus copper kettle

Leave the mundane behind ... Travel, Explore, Experience!

Showing the Love with hearts on a string over a rustic wood panelled wall inside the campervan
A well stocked cupboard with all you need, plates, cups, glasses, ons and induction hob.